Eva Tingley

If you had asked me when I was five years old “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I would have exuberantly replied, “I want to be an actress!”

Whether it’s acting, hanging out with the people I love, or tackling an arts and crafts project, if I’m not having fun - I don’t want to do it!

I grew up with deaf parents and although that may sound challenging - it was actually really fun.  I had a secret language that no one else in my world knew...other than my two older sisters of course. 

I am the youngest of three girls - not always fun :-) - and it felt like our family was like the first “famous” family in town because everyone was so fascinated by the way we talked with our hands. 

Over the past few years I’ve enjoyed working on FOX's "Rake" with Annie Mumolo & Greg Kinnear, ABC’s "Scandal" with Kerry Washington and NBC's "Community" with Joel McHale & Chevy Chase.  While these experiences were great the highlight has been marrying the love of my life on the beach - talk about fun.

What’s next for me, you ask?  Well, ultimately it’s being a series regular on a fun TV show.  And thanks to my partnership with Courtney Peldon at Aqua Talent Agency, that’s definitely on the horizon. 

So, until then... here’s to having some more fun!